My name is Rachel. I'm 19 years old and am currently studying at Heidelberg University in Germany.

Last year I needed to take an IELTS exam, and I am really glad that my English teacher was Farida. I had been trying to find an appropriate teacher for a long time and to find a good English teacher with that English level that Farida has is a jackpot in Tashkent. I was trying to study in a lot of English centres but the best for me is the World of Education. Probably only because of her.

How I got 7.5...

That was difficult. I think IELTS is all about training. Simply how much you train everyday or just during the classes with your teacher. also, it's important to work alone. There are lots of useful sites, and I've done just all the IELTS samples available on the Internet. When I had my deadline and I tried to revise everything one more time before the exam, I had no samples that I had not done before and that I could not find on the internet. Practicing speaking was only possible for me during the lessons because at home I couldn't make myself speak. Also, writing essays is really important and I would write an essay a day and then just ask Farida to check it and give her feedback. So practicing is the most important thing, to my way of thinking. She helped me a lot with all tasks, mainly she improved my writing skills.