Motivation is something that gives stimulus to achieve any goal in our life.

For getting master’s degree abroad, I also planned some high aims beforehand and decided to take my IELTS exam in one and half month.

First, I did not have so much time to think about where to get ready for exam, so I have chosen the education center that was advised by one of my friends.

After some time being and studying in the “World of Education” center, I understood that I was very successful to have this opportunity exactly in this center.

My tutor was kind, industrious, funny and discerning person that was full of energy even after 4 hours of lesson. In my opinion, tutors are necessary for directing us in the right way with instructions and work on reviewing and repairing our mistakes. It was pleasure to study with our tutor, as she tried her best in order to identify our weaknesses and make them as strong as possible until exam day.

As it was first time for me taking IELTS, it was a big challenge for me with one and half month left for preparing. I have been counting days, even hours, and thought that I will not manage to be fixed in all four sections in this period.

When I first attended the class, I felt only the atmosphere of boredom with strange people, but in the end, I had one big family consisted of amazing people with multifarious backgrounds.

We were friendly and open with each other, telling some our life stories. With the people that surrounded myself, I had an ambition to try harder as much as possible. I worked on improving my concentrations skills with these people and make it best. With the beginning of new days, I had a plethora of new words with different meanings. I started and learned to live with only English language during the whole month.

Finally, after being in the real exam condition, I can say that we should not have inclination to be in stress or depression in there. If you will give yourself to that condition, you will never succeed. Aim big and work hard, therefore you can achieve the best results in even short period. In the end, I want to express my gratitude first, to my tutor and then to other my close friends that now I have in this education center.