There is no a single way to success. Yet, what really matters is fortune. If you sit exams constantly, you should know that you cannot know everything concerning one special subject. There is always something you do not know and if you are lucky enough, you get the exam questions or tests that you already know. In this case, you'll obviously get a high score on that subject.

Another thing is nervousness. You should remember that IELTS IS JUST AN EXAM. Just relax! Do not worry if something is going wrong. Take it easy. You can fix it later. At least, take IELTS later again. You will be much stronger.

Well, let’s look into the technical moments of the exam. Everyone knows that IELTS consists of 4 parts. When I attended IELTS preparation lessons, me and my friend, who also got a high band score, decided to prepare scrupulously for two parts. They were Listening and Reading. Since you can get maximum points only on these parts without making a big effort and good (not excellent) knowledge of English. You might not trust me, but my level was Pre-Intermediate and my Grammar was fairly weak. I went to IELTS classes three months which means that Grammar is not at the first place for a high score either. A lot of people who have taken IELTS exam could throw me huge stones of grievance but it is my humble opinion resulting from my personal experience.

Do listening and reading more and more. Simple mathematics. If you get 9 out of 9 for both Listening and Reading you can easily get 5 for Writing and Speaking. What we got is high overall band scores. It is pretty good result, I presume. Good luck and find your own and blameless way to succes.

"Thanks to World of Education and Farida for such experience. Those were the days!"


MA in Traumatology,

Tashkent Medical Academy.