In short, I'm going to tell you about the story of my success in IELTS, particularly about the moments when I was making all efforts during my preparation.                                 

It should be noticed that good results depend on different factors. First of all it is FORTUNE!!! Yes, your LUCK  plays a big role this day!

"Technical preparation" is the second important aspect which leads you to success. As you know, IELTS consists of 4 sections. There are diverse methods which can help you to "solve" this "quiz". You should just choose one of them or make a combination of a few or better still work out your own technique,it depends on you, and you must practice it all the time.

Regular exercising is also one of the key points in the  process of preparation. In my case, every single day I would try to do one or two tests, although, at times, it was impossible because of the fast pace of life!

Vocabulary is the last crucial factor. Probability of success in all 4 sections increases with the richness of your lexical resource.If your vocabulary is rich you will be confident, your speech will become fluent, your essays will be colourful! Consequently your band score will be worthy.                                                   

All in all, I'd love to say that achieving a high score in  IELTS is not impossible. All you need to make this happen is simply to be patient enough to make a continual effort. 

Good Luck!


MA in Cardiology, Tashkent Medical Academy.