I don't think that I can name my story as a real story of success. I got 7.0 on IELTS. I think that my story is just a story about hard-work and that great experience that I had a chance to get at WOE.

Firstly, my English learning experience started at school. I have been learning English from 5th grade, but, of course, as every teenager I didn't take it seriously in the beginning. After that, in the middle of the 8th grade I decided to enter one of the best colleges in my hometown- Tashkent College of Finance and Economy, and there was an English exam. So, I understood that my knowledge at that time was ridiculously insufficient for real exams.

I changed many private teachers till the end of the 9th grade, and thanks to them, I passed those exams and entered the college.

My next step was IELTS. At that time I had already got bored of private lessons, because I felt that I needed to meet new people and improve my communication skills. But, of course at the beginning, I changed many English courses because some of them were just a real waste of time, others were extortionate or senseless, and in the end of 1st year at college a friend of mine told me about World Of Education.

Honestly, I was full of skepticism, I thought that if I didn't like them I'd study myself. And as you have already understood, I really-really liked it. As result, I was studying there for about 2 years, I think, from general English to the IELTS.

My first teacher there was Ibrahim, I'll never forget him, because I had never had such a great lessons before. They were full of emotions, energy and productive mood. While I was studying there, I decided to enter Westminster International University at Tashkent. And as everybody knows, you must have a good IELTS to study there. As a consequence, I started looking for IELTS courses, and decided to try it in WOE, and my next IELTS teacher was Farida. I didn't know about IELTS at all. But thanks to this strict and at the same time interesting, as a person, teacher I got 7 score for 6 months. And I think that it's a really good result for the first time.

Today, I'm a first year Bachelor student at National Research University of the Higher School of Economics in Moscow. You can ask: " So, what about WIUT?". Yes, I entered it, got 84% in math but I understood that it's not that place where I could see myself.

I moved to Moscow in August, and my life has changed dramatically. Every single day I meet new people, participate in different activities and etc.

Again, you may ask:" You were studying English for some years. What for?" And I'll tell:" I'm still studying it." Thanks my IELTS certificate, I enjoy the right not to attend English classes at University, owing to 7 score I get a credit.

Many people are really interested in my score and ask a lot about it, owing to this I'm going to work as a teacher next year. What’s more, my University provides many opportunities for student, for example I want to get an internship in summer in an English-speaking country, which is why I don't stop learning it today.

English makes me to think differently. It helps me to understand other people from different countries; it helps to read original books, because translations can sometimes be awful.

Different languages help us to show who we really are. They make us smarter and more interesting as a person.

I hope, that in the near future I'll study Spanish, and of course on my summer vacation when I'll be in Tashkent for two months, I'll try my first lesson at WOE.


BA in Higher School of Economics at National Research University,